Some days you start singin’

and you don’t need a reason!

Dirks Bentley

Happy CANCERVERSARY to me! Aug 14, 2021 marked two years since my denovo Metastatic (Stage 4) Breast cancer diagnosis. 146 doctors appointments ( yes! I counted!) & 26 scans/biopsies/surgeries later, I AM STABLE, meaning we have quieted the cancer in my bones. I have been stable since my first stint of chemo. It’s taken me a long time to admit it & to write that it is actually Stage 4! I still don’t say it because my oncologist doesn’t! She has never put a time stamp on me and is truly my source of positivity! Stage 4 means an original cancer has spread to a different place in your body – that’s it! It doesn’t mean someone is at the end of their rope and there’s no hope! It means that the doctors have found cancer outisde of the original location and they are treating it!. It’s not curable (so I’ll never be “done” but it is treatable). I’ll do labs once a month and scans every three months indefinitely bc this monster could rear it’s ugly head at any moment.

Two years and many more to go! I mean, I’ve got sh&t to do!

Two years ago I missed moving Will into his first apartment at State. Two years later I helped move both boys into the apartments for the year!

Two years ago I missed Jake’s football scrimmage against Tarboro. Two years later I got to pick Drew up from his first middle school football practice.

Two years ago Kenneth fished the Pirates Cove Tournament just trying to make it through each day while trying to comprehend what my diagnosis meant. Two years later he won the Day 3 Daily award for catching the most white Marlin in the fleet that day! He and his charter won a surprisingly nice sum of money!!!

Two years ago I was struggling to carry my chair to the ball field. Two years later, I’m in DC cheering on the Nats from the most awesome seats behind the plate! Thanks, Eric and Mike!

Two years ago, I was wheeled into the hospital for unyielding back pain and a gut wrenching diagnosis. Two years later, I saw my oncologist and we discussed my stable scans and good blood work.

Two years ago, I had struggled not having someone to talk to who was facing the same uncertainty from their diagnosis. Two years later we have a thriving support group right here on the Outer Banks & I have found online MBC Thrivers to lean on.

Two years ago, I knew I lived in a great place – I mean we can go to the beach anytime we want!!! Two years later, I KNOW we live in a great place because of the crazy support our community has shown to us! Huge thank you for the continued prayes! Keep them up! They are working:)

Two years ago, I took a lot for granted – not meaning to, just running around crazy busy all the time. Two years later, I thank God everyday for my family and friends who are riding this roller coaster with me! Hands up, guys!!

Two years ago I was getting ready to start my 26th year of teaching. Two years later, I’m not………… Still trying to shake the feeling of missing my classroom.

BUT – two years ago, my classroom consisted of four walls, 30 desks, and tempermental teenagers. Two years later, my classroom focuses on advocacy and consists of those who subscribe to this blog, my instagram account @mbcoutlier, & numerous other sites I have written for including @survivingbreastcancer and @everydayformbc

Two years ago I thought I was invincible – you know, the old adage “that will never happen to me”. Two years later, I know that cancer is random; it does not discriminate nor does it reveal its plan to anyone so here we are.

Two years ago, I only saw goal posts on a football field. Two years later, I set my own goal posts and quietly celebrate when I make it to each endzone.

You get the point! I can hear Houston telling me to wrap it up!

It’s amazing what a difference two years makes. The stats aren’t super good for my diagnosis to say the least. A whopping 28% of those diagnosed live five years!

Are you kidding me? Well, that’s bullsh&t!

I never like Stats class anyway (no offense Susan and John) but I’m more of a trig/algebra fan! An OUTLIER is a data point that is very different from the other data! I’m going to skew the crap out of that data and so are my other thriving MBC sisters! You all are amazing!

Sunshine & Calm Waves,

Liz Brown !!


Published by Liz Brown

Thriving here with Metastatic Breast Cancer to my bones! Sounds fun, right?! I’m still getting used to the fact that I’m writing in first person....Yes, Anna, this Mathlete knows what first person is!! Crazy shifts in life perspective and well, just about everything. Here’s my STORY! Hope I can connect with you on some level!!!

11 thoughts on “LIVING

  1. The Good Lord has certainly not wasted his talents & gifts on you! You are blessing others with your inheritance! Keep thriving in your vast classroom! I love you!❤️


  2. WOW, That was Awesome and really gut wrenching. You are a amazing woman for sure. I’m will always appreciate you and your family!!


  3. ❤️this and you Mrs. Brown!! You’re certainly an inspiration and you will always be the best math teacher of all times!!! You got this!


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