Outer Banks Waves of Grace

Cancer Support Group for Ladies of all ages and stages

The Outer Banks Waves of Grace is a cancer support group founded in the Spring of 2020 by Liz Brown and Ginger (Shackelford) Oxnard. Our number one goal is to reach out to ladies in our community who have been diagnosed with cancer and those who have been there done that and are on the other side, still needing support.  Our group represents “all ages and stages” as we like to say and we support all cancer diagnose

We have raised money to help friends with gas cards to get to and from the doctor’s office and with gift card to help their families with meals. We try to get together once a month in a comfortable setting for fellowship and to share our experiences.  We have had pizza parties, salad and taco parties, pool parties, and even parties on our local sand island – notice, I didn’t say meetings!!  We learned relaxation on a whole new level when friends donated a Restorative Yoga/Reiki class to our group. Shout out to Linnea, Molly , and Amy!! We stay connected through our private Facebook group where all can be comfortable asking and answering questions, sharing important articles and research, and of course, celebrating each other’s successes.  We say we are “BETTER TOGETHER” ! We are truly the “party everyone wants to go to but NO ONE wants to be invited to!” 

Go to the contact page on this MBCOUTLIER website if you are interested in ordering a t-shirt! We sell them for $20 and proceeds go toward helping our ladies in need in our area. Sometimes just a pretty bouquet of sunflowers or a pizza for the family, goes a LONG WAY!!!!!

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