This is US! Ok, stole that from one of my favorite shows but it fits! I’m Liz Brown and this is my crew—my husband, Kenneth with my boys Will, Jake, & Drew. I was diagnosed August, 2019 with De novo Metastatic Breast Cancer to my bones, lots of places…blah, blah, blah! Long story, which I’ll cover through out, later, but I love this picture because I knew this would be our last family weekend together with my college boy before I lost my hair to chemo treatment. I had Jake’s sweet girlfriend Bella, a budding photographer, bring over her “big camera” as I call it. You ask, why wouldn’t you have dressed the boys for the photo, you know, matching shorts, khaki pants, hair cuts first? Well, that just wouldn’t capture our Brown family-my NC State red, boat shirts, sunglasses, fishing hats, and, of course, a Manteo football shirt-done! Water is a staple in our world so the sound out of our back door at our new house is a fitting background. Through all of this, I have definitely found there is, in fact, “something in the water” that is truly healing! I love my boys and being a boy mom! I love raising my crew on the Outer Banks of NC in the sweet little town of Manteo where our kids are in/on the water more than land, teachers are still heroes, fishermen work tirelessly to support their families, you can actually see the Friday Night lights from the main road, kids find empty “sandlots” to throw a baseball, and faith can be found on every corner as a community staple. Ok fine, I could definitely use a Target a little closer than an hour and a half away but I guess the deer target in the backyard will do!! Ha! Looking forward to sharing my story, slowly but surely!

*UPDATE!! We’re getting a TARGET!!! Yes! I can’t believe it–fairy tales do come true!

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