Superman got nothing on me!

Charlie Puth

For those who follow my @mbcoutlier Instagram posts, you’ve already seen this one but I wanted to have it on my blog because today is Drew’s 13th birthday, our last teenager in the house! Happy birthday to my littliest BIG boy of the Brown clan!

FOOTBALL IS BACK in the BROWN family!❤️❤️🏈🏈Each year our middle school football team plays a super strong team about an hour and a half from us (most teams are that far away 🚙 ) They are notoriously BIG & FAST & just an all around really athletic team! When Will & Jake played them, we would always reference the movie “Facing the Giants” !Last night was my Drew’s first middle school football game & and yes, he faced the giants square in the eye as he yelled the count for each upcoming play. He took a couple of good licks but their team really did a great job over all. Go Manteo! (and btw, if someone doesn’t post the score of a game, it means they lost 😂😂- but only by two touchdowns!🤷‍♀️👍)

As I watched the game and saw the size difference on the field, I started thinking about the “giants” and I then realized that these were no “giants” at all to Drew. He has already faced the greatest GIANT who crept silently into our home, CANCER! He’s had a front row seat to it all watching me through chemo, scanxiety, and all of us just dealing with a diagnosis that will scare the pants off of anyone!

He has faced this giant with strength and compassion giving me so many laughs and hugs along the way. He knows exactly which song I need to hear and when, serving as my own personal DJ riding down the road. 🎶 He knows when I just need him to sit with me and tune in to our favorite sports movie🍿 🎥 , or when I just need a yummy bowl of ice cream 🍨, because ice cream makes everything better!! From sunset 🌅 cruises to pulling his pots and bringing me a pile of yummy crabs🦀 to pick, he’s right there. He is FACING AND SLAYING this giant everyday with me!!

Cancer can take a lot from a family, trying its best to rob happiness around every corner. But, dear cancer, look out!! I’ve got my #9 in my corner 🥊. Go ahead and try to sneak up on us! I can take it with Drew by my side. I dare you to mess with him!

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Published by Liz Brown

Thriving here with Metastatic Breast Cancer to my bones! Sounds fun, right?! I’m still getting used to the fact that I’m writing in first person....Yes, Anna, this Mathlete knows what first person is!! Crazy shifts in life perspective and well, just about everything. Here’s my STORY! Hope I can connect with you on some level!!!

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